Welcome to the Akashic Records School!

We are a community of Spiritual Guides at the leading edge of Akashic Records
expression, engagement, and education in the world.

Guided by the Five Principles of Luminous Community:
Truth, Intention, Integrity, Vulnerability and Joy.


I am Cheryl Marlene and I am the Founder and Director of the Akashic Records School.  Thank you for making your way to our School!  There is so much available to you on this website and I invite you to take a look.

Working with the Akashic Records is a powerful personal choice for spiritual study and growth.  Everything that I have created within the School is aimed at helping you make the journey of your soul within a heart-held space of safety and comfort.  I walk beside you, learning and growing together.  I am honored to witness your process and reflect your beauty.  If there are any questions I can answer for you, please let me know!

I believe within each person is profound wisdom and understanding.  I trust that you will know when you are ready to venture into the Akashic Records.

When you are ready, we are here.  We being the community members of the School — all of whom find joy in connecting with others as we all make our own soul’s journey.

With much love and joy for you!

Cheryl Marlene